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Hofzicht Advocaten is a specialized law firm consisting of six expert lawyers who have joined together to provide their legal services in a conveniently located practice in The Hague’s city centre. Our lawyers are specialised in Family, Criminal and Juvenile Law. They are driven, approachable and strive for efficiency, transparency and unequivocal communication. We believe that excellent legal aid should be accessible, therefore, our fees are moderate and depending on the case a fixed fee can be agreed upon. We also provide pro bono services and our firm has the ‘High Trust’ status with the Legal Aid Board.
We accept walk-in consultations anytime during working hours. One of our lawyers will review your case. You can also contact us to make an appointment. It is possible to make an appointment outside office hours. We are also happy to answer your questions via e-mail info@hofzichtadvocaten.nl or phone +31(0)70-8209250.

Our team


Kees Emeis


Specialised in Criminal, Juvenile and Family law, with an emphasis on Criminal Law
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In the beginning of his career Mr. Emeis worked as a prosecutor and ever since he has developed a passion for criminal cases. He has experience with a variety of criminal cases such as vice offences, hooliganism, domestic violence, homicide, traffic violations, juvenile law cases, environmental and economical criminal cases. Mr. Emeis can also assist you when you no longer are a suspect but have problems with the police or the judiciary. For instance, if you wish to make a complaint against police misconduct, confiscation of your mobile, retention of your driving license, threat of depravation of freedom or arrest in case of outstanding fines or a threat with conversion of unexecuted community service in imprisonment.
Mr. Emeis also has a family law practice. He is experienced with family law issues such as divorce, recognition of paternity, custody and visitation, alimony and child protection cases. When confronted with a restraining order, Mr. Emeis can assist you in the complaint proceedings or summary proceedings.

LinkedIn: Mr. C.M. Emeis
In case of emergency in criminal cases:
+31 (0)6-45236457


Gerard van der Steen


Specialised in Criminal, Juvenile and Family Law
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Mr. Van der Steen studied Dutch Law, with Criminal law as his specialisation, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During his studies Mr. Van der Steen worked as registrar of the Juvenile Law Team at the district court in Rotterdam. Upon his graduation in 2004, Mr. Van der Steen started practicing law in Wassenaar. From 2010 to 2015 he worked at the firm Torenstraat in The Hague and in January 2016 he co-founded Hofzicht Advocaten. Throughout the years, Mr. Van der Steen specialised in Criminal, Juvenile and Family law. Mr. Van der Steen deals with a wide variety of criminal cases representing adults, adolescents and juveniles. Furthermore, he has a many years of experience dealing with Family law issues such as divorce, custody and visitation rights, spouse and child alimony and placement of juveniles under supervision or outside of the home.

LinkedIn: Mr. G. van der Steen
In case of emergency in criminal cases:
+31 (0)6-18132037

Areas of practice

Employment law

We assist both employees and employers in employment law related matters such as:

  • Employment agreement
  • Employer liability
  • Dismissal and termination of employment
  • Change of employment conditions
  • Obligations of employers and employees during illness
If you are an employer, you can enquire about the special services we can provide based on your company’s specific needs.

Criminal law

Our criminal law experts assist suspects and accused in all stages of criminal proceedings and in issues related to a criminal case. They can also advise and assist clients prior to the start of a criminal proceeding and during police hearings. Our lawyers deal inter alia with accusations of fraud, organized crime, drug-related offences, domestic violence, traffic offences and issues related to driving license and rejection of a declaration of good conduct.
Lawyers: Kees Emeis, Belinda Kuppens, Gerard van der Steen and Laura Wijtman

Juvenile law

Juvenile law includes both criminal cases in which the suspect or the accused is a minor, and civil law cases whereby a child’s care and protection is at stake. The specific legal position of children both in criminal cases and child protection cases, requires a different legal approach. Our lawyers can assist or represent either the juvenile or their parents, for instance in:

  • Hearings by the police
  • Court proceedings
  • Complaint procedures against placement in closed youth care facilities
  • And proceedings whereby a child is placed under supervision or outside the home
Lawyers: Kees Emeis, Belinda Kuppens, Gerard van der Steen and Laura Wijtman

Family law

Family law related issues can be very delicate, especially when children are involved. Our family law experts apply their legal and interpersonal skills to manage family law cases with professional care. The lawyers are experienced in both national and international family law and can advise and assist you on various legal matters such as:

  • Name change
  • Paternity recognition
  • Pre-nuptial agreement
  • Divorce or termination of partnership
  • Spouse and child alimony
  • Custody and visitation rights
  • Division of assets and properties
Lawyers: Kees Emeis, Belinda Kuppens and Gerard van der Steen


Hofzicht Advocaten aims at transparency of the legal costs and our lawyers will make an estimation of the legal costs at the first meeting. They will either assist you based on an hourly rate or a fixed fee. The hourly rate of our lawyers varies between € 200 and € 250 (excluding VAT) and depending on the complexity and urgency if the case the fee is established. Employers can enquire for the special services and fees. Hofzicht Advocaten believes that specialised legal assistance should be available to all and our lawyers also deal with legal aid (pro deo) cases. If you are eligible for legal aid, you are only obliged to pay a small contribution to the costs of legal assistance. Eligibility and contribution requirements are outlined on the website of the Legal Aid Board. Our lawyers will assist you in applying for legal aid via the Legal Aid Board.

If you need legal advice for your company, you can enquire about the special services we can provide based on your company’s specific needs.

In certain legal proceedings you must pay court registration fees and additional disbursements. For more information on court registry fees, click here .



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